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What To Expect

For Virtual Auditions

  • Fill out the required audition form and submit video with audition materials by 11:59pm on January 5th, 2023

  • If you are interested in virtually working with one of our members on your audition materials, please email us at

  • You will hear from us with our decision by end of day on January 6th, 2023

As A Member

In the interest of full transparency of the responsibilities and obligations as a member of Ramifications, we are listing the following information for any perspective members to have a full understanding of the time commitment for this group.

During the fall semester, members are responsible for attending two weekly rehearsals and any additional gigs, performances, and fundraisers. Leadership will give reasonable notice for any such additions to the calendar.

During the spring semester, members will also have additional ICCA rehearsals on top of the regular group commitments from the fall semester.  Since our new members will be going straight into ICCA prep, it is important that you understand the time commitment needed for this.

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